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Utah Sex Offenses

The following are designated sex offenses in the State of Utah per UCA 77-41-102(17(a).  Click on the applicable charge for elements, penalties, and sex offender registration requirements.  


(1) a felony or class A misdemeanor violation of Section 76-4-401, enticing a minor;


(2) Section 76-5b-202, sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult, on or after May 10, 2011;


(3) a felony violation of Section 76-5-401, unlawful sexual activity with a minor;


(4) Section 76-5-401.1, sexual abuse of a minor;


(5) Section 76-5-401.2, unlawful sexual conduct with a 16 or 17 year old;


(6) Section 76-5-402, rape;


(7) Section 76-5-402.1, rape of a child;


(8) Section 76-5-402.2, object rape;


(9) Section 76-5-402.3, object rape of a child;


(10) a felony violation of Section 76-5-403, forcible sodomy;

(11) Section 76-5-403.1, sodomy on a child;


(12) Section 76-5-404, forcible sexual abuse;


(13) Section 76-5-404.1, sexual abuse of a child or aggravated sexual abuse of a child;


(14) Section 76-5-405, aggravated sexual assault;


(15) Section 76-5-412, custodial sexual relations, when the person in custody is younger than 18 years of age, if the offense is committed on or after May 10, 2011;


(16) Section 76-5b-201, sexual exploitation of a minor;


(17) Section 76-7-102, incest;


(18) Section 76-9-702, lewdness, if the person has been convicted of the offense four or more times;


(19) Section 76-9-702.1, sexual battery, if the person has been convicted of the offense four or more times;


(20) any combination of convictions of Section 76-9-702, lewdness, and of Section 76-9-702.1, sexual battery, that total four or more convictions;


(21) Section 76-9-702.5, lewdness involving a child;


(22) a felony or class A misdemeanor violation of Section 76-9-702.7, voyeurism;


(23) Section 76-10-1306, aggravated exploitation of prostitution; or


(24) attempting, soliciting, or conspiring to commit any felony offense listed above.

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