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The Stone Law Firm 

Domestic Violence-Class A Misdemeanor:

Fees, Payment Calculator and Loan Application


Class A domestic violence misdemeanor- $3,850 capped hourly pretrial fee*

*Capped hourly: the $3,850 fee is a capped hourly, meaning the fee cannot be more than $3,850 (for pretrial work, except as provided below), but can be less.  The firm tracks billing at $350 an hour for attorney time. As an example, if a client pays $3,850 and resolution of the case only requires 5 hours of Edward Stone's time ($350 x 5 = $1,750), then the client is refunded $2,100 (3,850-1,750). Statistically, about 98% of cases are resolved during pretrial proceedings.  (Source: New York Times 2012- Wright and Paul Hofer analysis of Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Additional One Time Travel Surcharge (no travel surcharge for N-S Brigham City to Spanish Fork, E-W Tooele to Heber);

Duchesne: +$750
Price: +$1,000
Logan : +$750
Vernal: +$1,250
Cedar City: +$1,500
St. George: +$2,000

*other court locations based on round trip travel time per Google Maps x $200 per hour for travel time.

Separate Fee- Motions to Suppress/Motions in Limine:


$0-$2000 depending on complexity and number of issues.


Separate Fee- Trials:


See retainer agreement for trial fees.


For those clients needing lower down payments and/or longer repayment periods than those offered by The Stone Law Firm, we have partnered with Lending USA. (a family member or friend can apply for the client as well).

Credit score of 620 and higher required.  

$0 down payment.

Two repayment periods: 36 months or 60 months.  

Interest rates between 16.39% and 29.99% APR, depending on the credit qualifications of the client.

To apply for a loan with Lending USA, click here: LOAN APPLICATION

To read more about Lending USA's loan programs, download the brochure here: 

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